Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ohio attorney faces discipline in billing probe

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A private southwest Ohio attorney who was appointed by various courts to handle the cases of people who couldn't afford a lawyer is being disciplined after an audit found he had submitted bills for working 29 hours in a single day and more than 20 hours per day in other occasions.

The Dayton Daily News ( ) reported Thursday that a disciplinary action against Dayton attorney Ben Swift has been filed with the Ohio Supreme Court's Board of Commissioners.

The state's highest court will determine Swift's sanction.

Courts are allowed to hire private attorneys when public defenders aren't available and the state and county pay their bills. Swift at some point had handled nearly 850 cases.

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Ohio attorney faces discipline in billing probe


Thelma said...

I've seen a few of those l-o-o-n-g
day billing jobs before.

They call them "errors," but they expect a judge to rubberstamp them!

Finny said...

Billing beasts!