Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Casey Kasem Near Death but Alert, Children Suing Wife Jean for Conservatorship NOT Will and Money

Casey Kasem is near death but alert, according to some statements from sources close to the matter. This announcement comes after his children announce they may be suing his current wife, Jean.
Reports indicate that the children are seeking conservatorship of their father and are not looking to alter his will or get money from the legendary broadcaster.

Kasem, who has made a fortune from his distinctive radio voice and delivery style, is not in good health. The popular top 40 host has Parkinsons and has lost the ability to speak. His agent of 35 years, Don Pitts, told CNN about his client’s health:
"He has Parkinson's, has it very bad. It took his speech, and for somebody who made millions of dollars using his voice--for him to lose that gift, that beautiful instrument--it must be frustrating. But he's handling it very well. His mind is very sharp, his brain works well. You can tell in his eyes he understands everything you're saying. He just has trouble translating it from the brain to his vocal cords."

In an even sadder turn of event, Mr. Kasem’s children have been prevented from seeing their own father. At one point, the kids were camped outside of residence with signs.
The siblings recently spoke to New York Daily News, telling the publication of their intentions moving forward. Kerri Kasem discussed the legal actions they may pursue in order to see their ailing father again:

“We haven't heard anything from her yet. We're giving her a chance to respond privately, and if she doesn't, we're taking legal action. I think we're going to wait until Monday or Tuesday. If she doesn't answer our letters, we'll have to do it in court. We hope it doesn't come to that."
The children want to declare their sister Julie as conservator of Casey. Kerri, who is now 48, discussed why Julie is the logical choice:

"Her forte is working with people in hospice situations. We just want to be sure our dad is being cared for properly. We don't want to be in charge of his money, just his health care."

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Casey Kasem Near Death but Alert, Children Suing Wife Jeanfor Conservatorship NOT Will and Money


Thelma said...

Feuding families are the door opener for the "persons of trust" - ? - otherwise known as fiduciaries

Lilly said...

I just bet the lawyers are fueling this rift.

Lilly said...

I just bet the lawyers are fueling this rift.

StandUp said...

It really doesn't matter what the children's motives are, the result will be the same and it won't be good.