Monday, November 18, 2013

Linda Kincaid Reports: Margarita Zelada: Timeline of elder abuse by Monterey County Public Guardian

Deputy Public Guardian Jennifer Empasis pursued a campaign of false allegations and abuse of power to control the assets of Peruvian immigrant Margarita Zelada. Her estate is valued at around $1.5M.

Margarita is a victim of false imprisonment at long-term care facility Senior Paradise in Del Rey Oaks, California. Administrator Margaret Camara willingly executes unlawful orders from Empasis.

Margarita’s three bedroom home in San Francisco’s desirable Outer Sunset neighborhood sits vacant. Empasis changed the locks to prevent family entering the home. Patricia’s 2001 Mercedes, a gift from Margarita, is now in Empasis’ control.

In July 2012, Empasis alleged that Patricia financially abused her mother. Margarita repeatedly insisted Patricia did nothing improper. Patricia provided a full accounting of expenditures. No charges were filed.

In September 2012, Empasis seized control of all assets belonging to Margarita and Patricia. Mother and daughter were left unable to meet their financial obligations. Both experienced severe financial hardship.

On October 5, 2012, the court awarded temporary conservatorship of Margarita’s estate to the Public Guardian.

On December 13, 2012, Margarita recorded a video stating that Patricia did not abuse her in any way. Margarita was emphatic that she did not want the Public Guardian involved in her affairs. (See video above at left.)

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Margarita Zelada: Timeline of elder abuse by Monterey County Public Guardian

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