Friday, November 22, 2013

Michigan's high court to hear oral arguments in McCree disciplinary case

Detroit— The Michigan Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Dec. 11 in the judicial disciplinary case of disgraced Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree.

The hearing is one of the last steps in the case against McCree before the court makes the final decision on whether McCree should be removed from the court.

McCree is fighting for his position after coming under fire from the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, which has accused him of judicial misconduct. The judge got into hot water with the commission while presiding over a 2012 child support case involving Geniene La'Shay Mott with whom he had an extramarital affair.

McCree also is accused of giving favorable treatment to a relative of Mott's and for using derogatory remarks to describe some litigants in his courtroom. In September, the nine-member commission recommended to the Michigan Supreme Court McCree be removed from office and also called for a six-year "conditional" suspension for the judge in the event he is re-elected to the bench next year.

McCree’s attorney, Brian Einhorn, said he doesn’t know yet if McCree will attend the hearing on his own behalf. Einhorn said it’s not mandatory that the 57-year-old jurist be there.

During the September hearing, the executive director of the Michigan Tenure Commission said McCree "suffers from egomania" and is a "narcissist" who is no longer fit to serve as a judge.

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Michigan's high court to hear oral arguments in McCree disciplinary case

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Thelma said...

How many egomaniacs sit on the bench in our wonderful "just-us"

Betty said...

It seems there are more and more each day, Thelma.