Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Of Its Kind Experiment on Persons Diagnosed With PVS Reveals They Might be More Aware Than Previously Thought

Research about patients thought to be in vegetative states with questionable levels of consciousness has been finding that they might be more aware than previously thought. A new study from Tel Aviv University is no different.

Researchers from the university and Loewenstein Hospital evaluated patients in vegetative states who were awake but exhibited “no signs of awareness.”
The team showed four patients in such a state — compared to 13 people who were healthy controls — pictures of people they knew and others who were strangers. They also verbally asked them to imagine someone they knew.
Monitoring their brain activity, the researchers found those in a vegetative state showed emotional processing in the brain, “suggesting the ability for covert emotional awareness of self and the environment in VS patients,” the study publishes in the journal PLOS One earlier this year stated.  
Two patients in a vegetative state eventually recovered, according to the journal, and in the study had showed the strongest connectivity between recognition and the emotional side of the brain.
“This experiment, a first of its kind, demonstrates that some vegetative patients may not only possess emotional awareness of the environment but also experience emotional awareness driven by internal processes, such as images,” Sharon said.


StandUp said...

Absolutely right. Doctors should not be so arrogant as to presume someone has no awareness, unless they themselves have experienced PVS.

Anonymous said...

I agree, StandUp.

Lisa said...

Did you read this Chemung County Department of Social Services?

Betty said...

Exciting news! Thank you NASGA.

Chloe said...

I'm glad to see this. The public is so concerned about abortion, but that concern doesn't seem to reach persons who are PVS. Why7 People are people and they all deserve every chance.