Sunday, February 2, 2014

Missouri Coroner (Guardian) Accused of Spending $80K of Woman's (Ward's) Money

Perry County Coroner Herbert Miller is facing felony charges after he allegedly spent the money of a 94-year-old woman for his own use.

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Miller  was charged with financial exploitation of the elderly and theft after an investigation by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service.

Court documents say Miller was appointed the woman's guardian in 2004. She went into a nursing home in 2008 with dementia and other disabilities.

Miller is accused of writing checks from the woman's account totaling $80,600. Investigators say the woman's bills at the nursing home weren't paid and she was denied Medicaid benefits, meaning she could be evicted.

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Missouri Coroner Accused of Spending $80,000 of Elderly Woman's Money


Barbara said...

They should make an example of this guy that sends a message to other guardians.

Finny said...

I wonder if the good coroner was filing accountings as mandated by the court????