Sunday, May 4, 2014

Guardian Jared Shafer's Political Signs Become a Public Nuisance

Over three dozen A-frame political signs rented or donated to politicians by Jared Shafer’s PFSN Inc., have become shelters for vagrants.

A homeowner who called police to report that a homeless camp utilizing several of the A-frames had popped up in his neighborhood, reported that the responding officer said “We’re told to back off.”

Shafer illegally commingles funds from a company known as Signs of Nevada, LLC, with funds from his “wards” in his PFSN, Inc. bank account. Commingling of ward’s funds is a violation of NRS 159.073 (III) (IV), but has never been enforced by elected officials who have used Shafer’s signs in their campaigns.

The A-frame portable billboards are officially owned by two of Shafer’s closest associates, guardianship attorneys Patricia Trent and Elyse Tyrell, who often represent Shafer in Family Court disputes. Shafer’s PFSN office manager/secretary/bookkeeper, Amy Deittrick, is listed as the sign company’s manager by the Secretary of State, which also lists Shafer’s fiduciary business address as that of the sign company.

Sign companies such as Shafer’s have the ability to make or break a judicial campaign by discounting or donating the 8’ by 12’ movable political signs to certain Judge, DA, and Attorney General candidates during election season. The majority of Trent and Tyrell’s signs now appearing during this election season contain ads for Family Court and District Court incumbent Judges, selected candidates seeking to fill court vacancies, or attorneys wanting to replace less cooperative Judges.

Sources say that Shafer is the go-to guy when it comes to cheap political billboards - a sure fire way to endear himself to those with power over the lives and fortunes of his hapless wards and their heirs, and that is why many of his critics believe he has escaped being investigated or prosecuted locally for dozens of complaints of exploiting the elderly.

One of Shafer’s long time associates Patience Bristol on December 30, 2013 plead guilty to felony exploitation of the elderly. She is scheduled to be sentenced on May 28 in the Clark County District Court of Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez.

Guardian Jared Shafer's Political Signs Become a Public Nuisance


Thelma said...

I've heard his guardian stories! This creep should be put out of business!

Anonymous said...

This is a massive conflict of interest. Each and every one of these Family Court judges should be thoroughly investigated.

Daniel said...

Thelma, You're being way to kind. This sub-human needs to be REMOVED from society for life along with Patience Bristol, and his many other cronies. His crime spree continues to destroy countless lives. He should on FBI's most wanted list, but that would involve our government paying attention to this national crisis of human trafficking. -- Too much money at stake for that.

Anonymous said...

He's name is well known, and not in a good way.