Thursday, June 5, 2014

Failure to report elderly abuse punishable under new law

DENVER – A new law requiring people to report elderly abuse will go into effect July 1. The elderly are often targets for physical and financial-exploitation crimes.

Claire Morgan practically raised her granddaughter, Jennifer Myers. As an adult, Myers hit a setback in November and Morgan took her in. But after six months, Morgan said she'd had enough.

"She was a user and an alcoholic," Morgan said. "We have to protect ourselves against people like that."

Morgan said police helped get her granddaughter out of the house. According to court records, Myers tried to break in and ended up in jail.

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"She's just ripped out my heart," Morgan said. "I would be satisfied never to see her again, because she's just really done me wrong."

At 84, Morgan was able to take care of herself. But too many elderly can't.

Starting July 1, it is mandatory for many people who work with or for the elderly to report abuse within 24 hours. The law defines elderly as anyone 70 years old or older.

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Failure to report elderly abuse punishable under new law


Thelma said...

Reporting is critical to our national problem.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how failure to report can be proven. And it's also interesting to know the law sees 70 as the magic age to be elderly. The federal laws look at 65.