Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Case dropped against relatives accused of exploiting elderly man

Three relatives accused of exploiting an elderly man are no longer facing charges, after the cases against them were dropped or dismissed since their arrests, records show.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office last year announced the arrests of Cynthia Lane Thomas, 59; her husband, Richard Henry Thomas, 58; and his son, Richard Aaron Thomas, 34, on charges of elderly exploitation and grand theft.
Authorities accused them of misappropriating $870,000 belonging to Cynthia Thomas' father, Richard Chadwick, an elderly widower with dementia. Sheriff's investigators said she cleaned out Chadwick's accounts, using the money to pay off a mortgage and fund start-up businesses.

However, the cases against them have since fallen apart.

Records show prosecutors decided against pursuing formal charges against Richard Aaron Thomas in May. Last month, the state dropped its case against Cynthia Thomas.

Meanwhile, an attorney for Richard Henry Thomas successfully argued there was no evidence he personally moved Chadwick's money, or knew what was being done with it.

A judge dismissed his charges Dec. 2, records show.

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Case dropped against relatives accused of exploiting elderly man


Williams said...

This article sounds like they were guilty but the police botched it up?

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's very hard to understand.