Sunday, February 8, 2015

Former Martin County (Indiana) Judge Pleads Guilty in Tax Case

A former judge in Martin County is facing a year in jail and a $100,000 fine for failing to pay $66,000 in tax debt.

Josh J. Minkler, Acting United States Attorney, announced Robert Joseph Howell, 51, pleaded guilty to failing to file his federal income tax returns for 2012.

He was found guilty today before U.S. District Chief Judge Richard L. Young.

Howell, operated Howell Law Firm PC in Loogootee, performing legal services. In 2012, the firm had gross receipts of approximately $450,000, including a $300,000 fee he received from a wrongful death insurance settlement.

Howell’s return preparer initially filed an extension for the 2012 tax year which expired in October 2013. When the accounting firm sent Howell an invoice, he chose not to pay the invoice or his owed taxes. He failed to file business or personal returns in 2012, resulting in a tax debt of over $66,000.

According to testimony in court, over $265,000 was withdrawn from his personal and business accounts at casinos in Evansville and French Lick.

R. Joseph Howell
Howell formerly served as a circuit court judge and prosecutor in Martin County.

Minkler stated, “taxes are a fundamental responsibility we all owe to help maintain infrastructure, schools and public safety services. When someone willfully neglects that responsibility, they will be held accountable.”

This case was investigated by the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation.

According to Assistant United States Attorney James M. Warden, who prosecuted the case for the government, Howell faces up to one year in prison, a fine up to $100,000, and must pay full restitution to the IRS.

Sentencing is scheduled for May 11, 2015, in Evansville.

Former Martin County Judge Pleads Guilty in Tax Case


Barbara said...

Looks like he has a gambling problem, like so many judges and lawyers. I wonder if anybody has ever done a study on addiction and judges.

Steve said...

And I wonder how long he has had this problem before it caught up with him?

Karen said...

I imagine he's not smiling now.

Anonymous said...

It's getting to be that these types of stories are so commonplace.

Lawyers and judges need yearly mandatory psychological testing.

wisernow said...

I hope and pray Robert Joseph Howell has to do the time along with restitution we need sharp teeth for those in positions of trust and there should be more time for Howell who formerly served as a circuit court judge and prosecutor in Martin County.

Low life crook and liar how many people did Howell **** over while wearing his costume, his judicial robe?

Is Howell still allowed to practice as a lyin' lawyer?

Shame shame shame on you Robert Joseph Howell.