Saturday, August 22, 2015

Objections to Rooney's will dropped; administrator approved

LOS ANGELES-- A judge accepted Mickey Rooney's will Thursday and approved an attorney to administrator the estate after several of the actor's children dropped their objections.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cowan appointed attorney Michael Augustine to oversee the "Andy Hardy" star's estate, which includes some of the star's memorabilia and other modest assets.

Rooney died in April 2014, and his will disinherited his biological children. His stepson and caretaker, Mark Aber, will receive some of the proceeds of the estate.

"We are deeply gratified that Mr. Rooney's final wishes have been ratified and that his legacy will be honored by those Mr. Rooney selected," Augustine's attorney, Bruce S. Ross, wrote in a statement. I know that he would have been pleased with the outcome."

Several of Rooney's biological children objected to the will, which was signed just weeks before the actor's death at age 93. Those objections were dropped, clearing the way for Augustine's formal appointment.

Despite a show business career spanning more than 80 years, Rooney said he had lost most of his fortune because of elder abuse and financial mismanagement by another one of his stepsons
The actor's estate was valued at $18,000 in early 2014.

The star of the "Andy Hardy" films and Hollywood's highest paid actor in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Rooney was a product of the industry's old studio system and was not entitled to hefty royalty payments, Augustine said shortly after Rooney's death.

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Objections to Rooney's will dropped; administrator approved

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Anonymous said...

The sooner the estate is settled, the less profit for the lawyers! Good!

Rajka Campagiorni said...

did anyone seen Mickey Rooney LAST WILL AND EMBEZZLEMENT....

NASGA said...

Notice: We have been notified that Mickey Rooney never disinherited his biological children and the family is upset with this misinformation.

Becky said...

I saw that documentary, Rajka. I felt sorry for Mickey Rooney as he went from the pot (exploitation) to the frying pan (guardianship).

NASGA said...

This message directly from the Rooney family through the Catherine Falk Organization:

"No fault to NASGA for posting an article filled with lies, as I read Kerry Rooney-Mack (my dearest friend and Mickey Rooney's daughter) these lies, she cried deeply and asked that I post this to my wall with her statement: "Around three or four years ago, my father sat my sister & I down in his home and informed us that he was being emotionally and financially abused by the people in the house. He told us we had to be smart about this because the people in the house were just as smart. Chris Abers, the step-son with the 8th wife and to another father biologically, embezzeled millions from my father and was being prosecuted for it until my father's conservator dropped the charges against Chris-no surprise there. Mark Abers, the other step-son with the 8th wife to another father, took my dad into seclusion for 18 months and made him change the will at age 93. We dropped this case only because we could not afford the lengthy and costly court battle to seek justice and expose the truth. On behalf of all of his eldest and biological children, we all know what really happened and that my father was a victim of elder abuse and exploitation. Thank you, Kerry Mack"