Sunday, July 9, 2017

Elder abuse task force makes mark in one year

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (NEWSPLEX) -- Exactly one year since its formation in June 2016, members of the Jefferson Area Coalition to End Elder Abuse say they're pleased with what they've been able to accomplish.

The task force is made up of lawyers, law enforcement, bankers and social workers.

The goal is to end elder abuse in local communities with a primary focus on financial exploitation.

Elder law attorney, Doris Gelbman, is at the helm of the task force and said financial abuse often opens the door to other forms of abuse and neglect.

According to Gelbman, the task force has been able to investigate and prosecute an assortment of cases since it began.

"It leaves elderly people, very vulnerable, elderly frail people without their life savings at a time when they can not earn any more and are destitute, what a desperate situation this is for them," said Gelbman. "I'm proud to say that people have understood that now and have come to the table, energized about this. They are very enthusiastic about going after these criminals."

Gelbman encourages people in the community who witness any form of elder abuse to report it to Adult Protective Services.

Reports can be made anonymously.

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Elder abuse task force makes mark in one year

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We need them in every county of every state.