Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tonight on T. S. Radio: Mary Bush & Genevieve's Nightmare

Mary Bush continues to fight to free her mother Genevieve Bush from the ravages of the fraudulent guardianship her mother was sentenced to in 2011.

Chester County Pa Orphans Court continues to extract Genevieve's wealth to feed court appointed profiteers while disregardining multiple petitions filed by Mary for her mother's health care needs not being met. In January 2016 after Mary got her mother out of the nursing facility via 911 with broken bones and untreated heart problems, the nursing home and for profit guardian immediately retaliated by calling Mary a trespasser. Mary who lives about 15 miles from the locked in facility where her mother is, has not seen her mother since January 2016. Mary has since discovered and reported to Chester County Adult Protective Services that her mother again has not seen her cardiologist for a year and a half.

After filing another petition to the court to get her mother to her doctor, the court issued an order stating "I will not micromanage (Guardianship Services of Pennsylvania) care decisions absent compelling reasons". The court also ordered that Mary who is her mother's legal health care agent is to " cease and desist" "scheduling appointments for her mother". If guardianship is about protecting vulnerable older adults, then who is the Court really protecting?

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