Thursday, October 26, 2017

UPDATE: Jason Hanson's Case Makes Its Way Through Court System

by Steve Miller

LAS VEGAS - Guardianship exploitation victim Jason Hanson, 28, went to court on Tuesday, October 24, to seek a Summary Judgment in his Breach of Fiduciary Duties lawsuit against attorneys FRANCES-ANN FINE; DARA GOLDSMITH; and ELYSE TYREL; along with private guardian JARED E. SHAFER and his business PROFESSIONAL FIDUCIARY SERVICES OF NEVADA, INC.; and Clark County Public Administrator JOHN CAHILL

District Court Judge Tierra Jones heard lengthy oral arguments from Hanson's attorney Jacob Hafter, and from five attorneys representing the defendants.

In Hafter's opening statement, he gave the judge a summation of his client's complaint against those who were appointed by Clark County Family Court Hearing Master Jon Norheim to care for his physical and financial needs. Hafter told the court that after Hanson, a cerebral palsy victim, turned 18 years of age in 2007, a cadre of guardianship insiders, under color of law, mishandled or misappropriated his inheritance and estate leaving Hanson penniless and a burden on the taxpayers.

Attorneys for the defendants told the court that it was Hanson's fault, that he should have asked the Family Court for relief upon reaching legal age in 2007, and because he did not seek relief when he turned 18, the statute of limitations expired and he is not entitled to sue. Defendant's also stated they were working pro bono, and somehow were not responsible for Mr. Hanson's losses.

After hearing all arguments, Judge Jones took the information into advisement and said she will issue a ruling October 31.



Tom said...

I am so glad for Jason!

Hannah said...

Finally some justice! Good luck, Jason.