Friday, November 10, 2017

Tonight on T. S. Radio with Marti Oakley: Tanya Hathaway and Injustice in Oklahoma Exposed

Join us this evening (at 7 central time) as Tanya Hathaway and Mike Volpe discuss the ongoing abuses of the judicial system in Oklahoma.

Mike Volpe is a nationally recognized journalist and reporter who has written and extensively documented the corruption of the courts and how this corruption adversely affects families and individuals.

Tanya Hathaway is an activist, writer and public speaker about the injustices in Oklahoma. Her page is linked below:

Injustice in Oklahoma Exposed is exposing the corruption in the Oklahoma judicial system.

Tanya will relate the corruption in her own case for openers, and then we will move on to these families:

Tonight, we visit with three families

1st guest / Kelly Kimble..mother of Goody Romeo McNeary

2nd guest./ Donna Hughes...mother of Tracie Hughes

3rd guest / Lisa Knight...mother of now 8 yr old Sarah Knight

This will be the first in a series of expose's in the Oklahoma judicial system.

LISTEN to the show live or listen to the archive later

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