Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Elder Abuse Reform Now Project (EARN) Presents: The Unforgivable Truth: How We Have Turned America's Greatest Generation into America's Abused Generation

The Unforgivable Truth
How we have turned America's Greatest Generation into America's Abused Generation.

Victims of financial exploitation share their heartbreaking stories and seasoned professionals, from government officials to journalists, share their expertise on the state of elder financial abuse in the United States.

The Unforgivable Truth

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Anonymous said...

Very good documentary!

Gwen said...

Well done and informative. Elder abuse needs as much attention as it can get. Thank you.

B Inberg said...

Excellent! Thank you!

Barbara said...

I recognize many faces in this documentary. Thank you also for the care and special attention to Veterans.

Charlie Lyons said...

Wishing EARN and NASGA the very best. Thank you for all you do.

Andrea Jones said...

Go get them EARN! I am sorry for what happened to Mrs. Kibbee. At least she died thinking she had done a wonderful thing and never knew she'd been betrayed by her own lawyers.