Sunday, February 21, 2021

Bivins Foundation announces closure of long-term care and rehab facility

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By Bailie Myers

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) -The Bivins Foundation is closing its long-term care and rehabilitation facility Bivins Pointe, and representatives say they are investing in other ways to provide for seniors.

The foundation announced the change today, stating it will not affect care at the low-income housing for seniors at Bivins Village in east Amarillo.

Representatives said the decision was made after “study and careful deliberation” and their efforts will help more seniors be healthy and independent by focusing on nutrition, transporting, housing and social activity.

“We hope to increase our leadership role in senior care philanthropy in the Texas Panhandle,” said Dr. Urban, board president. “In order to meet emerging needs, we will be listening to seniors and collaborating with others who share our vision throughout the region.”

The foundation said it will offer almost $2 million in grants and scholarships this year.

President and CEO, Katherine Wiegand, said the foundation is working with 80 employees and 14 residents who will be affected.

“We are mindful that the discontinuation of services at Bivins Pointe is a loss of community for our long-term care residents and our staff,” said Dr. Urban. “We have taken extensive measures to ease the transition to new living arrangements or a new job for those involved. We are confident that we will find good places for everyone to go, and we are dedicated to help them get there.”

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