Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tiny homes built for veterans, by veterans

Veteran Community project

Those who have served our country share a common thread of bravery and patriotism, but unfortunately not all share good fortunes after reintegrating into civilian life.

Chris Stout, Kevin Jamison and Mark Solomon, founders of the Veterans Community Project, hope to help their fellow servicemen by building a village of 52 tiny homes for homeless veterans in Kansas City.

While the 240-square-foot homes will include a bed, kitchen and bathroom, the VCP hopes to provide more than just shelter. 

The project will also match clients with mentors who provide social support as they transition to their new homes.

Reintegrating back into regular society can be challenging, according to the VCP, and the idea is to "get the veteran up and reintegrating them into society at their own pace while treating the issues that have created social or housing barriers." (Click to Continue)

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Tiny homes built for veterans, by veterans

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Betty said...

This is a wonderful idea!