Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Martin Patterson ~ Military Veterans are Caught in This Trap

Join us this evening as Martin Patterson tells how he was trapped in a guardianship nightmare after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and after being struck by lightening.

Martin has now been deprived of an estimated $100,000.00 in benefits which have been diverted to those supposedly managing his affairs.

 A former army Ranger, Mr. Patterson was forced into an unnecessary guardianship by his mother who also just happened to be an employee the Erie VA Medical Center.

Initially, the VA found Patterson to be competent. It was only after the interference and insistence of his mother Gail Patterson, that this diagnosis changed. “Martin Patterson was deemed incompetent by VA Field Examiner Carla Amendola in March 2011 at the request of Gail Patterson. They are coworkers and have a personal history. The VA Fiduciary Hub was aware Gail Patterson is an Erie VAMC employee, as evidenced by her own email communication about the investigation into Martin’s VA funds being misused by Laura Eaton. Laura Eaton was recommended by Carla Amendola as a VA Fiduciary.”

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