Friday, November 25, 2016

"Who Guards the Guardians?" by Diane Dimond

Coming soon!
Albuquerque Journal Investigative Reporter and National Columnist Diane Diamond is working on a series about the guardianship system in New Mexico. This is when the court appoints a guardian to run an elderly person's life when that person can no longer do so themselves. Diamond says she found out New Mexico's system is troubled.

Guarding the Guardians


Betty said...

Exciting! Diane Dimond is a great reporter!

John said...


NASGA Member said...

Don't they have sequestered records in NM? I wonder how Diane got around this. She's so good and I know she's already written several stories about guardianship abuse. Thank you, Diane!

Finny said...

Part one is out today: Diane Dimond did a great job!