Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Judge dismissed tickets, fines for female friend

WSMV Channel 4

Court documents indicate that Davidson County General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland appears to have helped a woman he knew avoid paying traffic fines and court fees.

Text messages provided by the woman, Natalie Amos, corroborate what the Channel 4 I-Team found in the court papers. The messages also indicate Moreland and Amos “sexted” each other and met privately at her apartment.

Court records show that Moreland arranged to have $1,200 in court fines wiped from Amos’ debt, without following the normal procedures.

Moreland declared Amos indigent, unable to pay, even though she was working and willing to work out payments.

"I just really thought I was going to get an extension, and it just went away," Amos told the I-Team.

Amos said she had met Moreland at a downtown restaurant. The introduction was made by her friend Leigh Terry – the same woman whose suicide in May 2016 was investigated by Metro police. Terry had been on a trip with Judge Moreland and attorney Bryan Lewis in the days before her death.

The court's computer shows Amos' fines were waived July 14, 2015. That same day, Amos received a text she said was from the judge.

"Your fees; fines and court cost are taken care of! You now officially owe me !! Haha,” the text read.

Amos said there was no quid-pro-quo and that no sexual favors were exchanged for taking care of the fines and court costs, but she said their relationship later became sexual.

"But you became lovers, eventually?" I-Team reporter Nancy Amons asked.

"Eventually we did, yes, about a year later,” Amos said.

Three months after the court fines disappeared, on Nov. 24, 2015, Amos texted Moreland about problems she was having getting her license back. She owed money to the Tennessee Department of Safety over traffic tickets.

Moreland texted her, "I may can help in Davidson County.” He then reminded her to send a picture, which she did.

The two exchanged suggestive comments; Moreland texting, "So you want me to give you a little attention?" He also mentioned a "mid-day quick and dirty tuck," a reference to an earlier conversation concerning her tucking him in.

The I-Team tracked what happened to two of Amos’ traffic tickets mentioned in the text conversation.

Documents at the Traffic Clerk's office show that on Nov. 4, 2016, Moreland wrote two letters, one for each ticket, directing the clerk to “pull the ticket” and place the citations on a traffic docket coming up in four days. He directed the clerk not to subpoena the officer. When the cases went to court, one ticket was retired, with no fines due; the second ticket shows that the fine was paid, which surprised Amos.

Amos texted the judge the following week following up about the tickets, telling Moreland, “Thanks so much for your help... much appreciated!”

Moreland texted back, "They are gone !! Hahaha."

Amos texted back, "I know that crazy!"

Moreland’s text then proposed they meet the next day at her apartment.

“What you doing tomorrow between 3:30 and 5:30???" Amos texted.

"Just be horny and naked !!", Moreland’s text said.

The next texts are sexually explicit.

On Nov. 16, the next day, Moreland texted that he was on the way to her apartment and asks for specific instructions about how to get in.

"Want me to come around the back !" Moreland’s text said.

The I-Team has been asking Judge Moreland for an interview concerning his texts with Amos. So far, he has declined.

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Judge dismissed tickets, fines for female friend

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Heather said...

If this is true and everything else we've read about Judge Moreland, then he should be disbarred. The public awaits the decision by the discipline committee and we also want to know that Judge Moreland is not only removed, but his pension is denied as well.