Monday, February 6, 2017

Metro General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland resigns as presiding judge

WSMV Channel 4

Metro General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland has resigned his position as presiding judge.

Moreland will remain a judge, but is stepping aside from other administrative functions, such as setting dockets and budgets for the general sessions judges.

Friday morning, Judge Gale Robinson was elected to fill the position of presiding judge for the remainder of Moreland’s one-year term. Robinson said Moreland resigned as presiding judge for medical reasons.

The announcement comes after three days of Channel 4 I-Team stories about Moreland, including allegations that surfaced during a police investigation into a woman’s suicide in 2016. The woman had recently returned from a trip that included Moreland and attorney Bryan Lewis.

Metro police interviewed several witnesses who said the woman who committed suicide had threatened to expose what she said she knew about Moreland and Lewis.

Moreland and Lewis have declined to comment.

The I-Team also discovered that Moreland appears to have acted on behalf of another woman on the trip to dismiss her tickets and fines. The woman shared text messages she says came from Moreland that are graphic.

The newest developments air tonight on Channel 4 News at 6:00 as the I-Team's investigation continues.

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Metro General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland resigns as presiding judge

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