Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Investigators: The Power of One

Imagine someone locking you out of your own house, controlling your checkbook, deciding how much spending money you should get each month. That's what happens when a conservator or guardian is appointed. Trish Van Pilsum and the FOX 9 Investigators share the struggles of several families who say these people have too much power.

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Ulster said...

When Sheila Gast was convicted of perjury in 2008-9. I know for a fact, that there other people involved. When dad died in 1999, there were two of four siblings or offsprings with their mates that along with Sheila Gast using sociopathic manipulations to have mom put in a unlicensed assisted living home. Then proceed to bilked, lie, threaten, and connive to the end of getting our mother out of our care. The husband of one sibling made false reports to courts that it was my sister that defrauded mom out of 100,000...low and behold, it was the husband of my lying sister. Then husband of one of cohorts with Sheila Gast conjured up this lye that my mother needed to be in the care of the courts and have Sheila Gast as her official guardian. They kick me out of the covert operation because, I would not lie about my sister. I am a survivor of 'basilar skull fracture and closed frontal head injury' I have been in CBT for almost 14 years...now that the correct diagnosis for me has been made; all of my memories are coming back. Sheil Gast along with James and Gloria Woida Linn and Charles and Elizabeth Belcher (Linn) committed fraud on the courts.