Saturday, March 1, 2008

Help Free Nancy

This is the happy face of 31 year old severely autistic Nancy Golin, the light of her parents’ eyes, a treasure since the day she was born, a special gift from God.

Years later, after being ripped from the loving arms of her parents, isolated from them, and held as a captive Ward of the State, Nancy’s health and spirit are fading.

She has no rights, not even the right to see her parents. She is afraid, confused, she wants to go home; and she can’t understand why she can’t.

If you read her story, you won’t understand either. Nancy’s health and safety are in crisis. She has suffered severe injuries and trauma while in the "care" of SARC and every day, she slips a little more away.

Governor Schwarzenegger can save her by executive order – one phone call and he can save her life.

Your telephone call or e mail may persuade him to make the call! Please call or e mail Cynthia Bryant, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs and tell her you want Governor Schwarzenegger to Free Nancy!

(916) 445-4341

The San Andreas Regional Center (SARC), where Nancy is confined, is located at 858 Leith Ave., Santa Clara, California.

For complete details of the tragic nightmare Nancy Golin and her family have suffered and somehow have endured over the anguishing years, visit:

Free Nancy Golin

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