Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guardian Abuse - Keeping It In The Family

A true crime case of guardian abuse is presented with reference to present day activist organizations.

By Joe Roubicek, author of FINANCIAL ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY; A Detective's Case Files Of Exploitation Crimes

"While Paushter was using the guardianship to steal from his aunt’s estate, the nursing home staff had been calling him repeatedly, desperately asking for money to pay for a dental operation on a severe abscess on Anna’s lower jaw. He refused to send a cent, saying that the money just wasn’t there. They also asked for money to buy Anna new undergarments and to have her hair done for the holidays, but Paushter claimed that she was “on a tight budget.” Paushter was treating his wife at the expense of his disabled aunt. But finally someone from the nursing home realized that not Paushter, but the bank had guardianship over Anna’s finances and contacted them. The bank attorney assigned to the guardianship discovered the fraud and contacted the police. Paushter’s corrupt scheme was about to end."

Free Download: Guardian Abuse; Keeping It In The Family

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Detective Roubicek for the free download.
Thank you NASGA for the great blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe Roubicek for being a true advocate for the vulnerable and the elderly, by continuing to dedicate your time and energy, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

This short story will hold your attention --- and it's free!

Thanks Detective Roubicek!

And special thanks to you for mentioning NASGA!