Thursday, June 12, 2008

Probate Judge Removed

Judge removed from top spot on Macomb probate bench amid allegations over guardianship cases.

The Michigan Supreme Court removed Kathryn George as Macomb County's chief probate judge months after the high court appointed her.

Retired Macomb Probate and Circuit Judge Kenneth Sanborn will take over as acting chief judge following the unanimous vote by the state's high court. One of Sanborn's duties will be to look into allegations that George, who remains on the bench, appointed an inordinate number of cases to Shelby Township-based ADDMS Guardianship Services.

A recent audit by the Whall Group found "flagrant violations of both law and practice" by ADDMS. The audit uncovered several cases where the conservator and guardianship agency mishandled the estates of people it was charged to care for, including one case where the agency sold a man's classic cars, furniture and other possessions without his consent.
Court pulls Macomb chief judge

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY some accountability --- and hope!

If the legal world would disinfect the bench on a regular basis, dignity could be restored to a once nobel profession.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time that they saw the light!

Why would a judge push heavy patronage except for a quid pro quo?

Anonymous said...

I love the term used in the comment by Elaine: DISINFECT, how appropriate.

What is unfathomable is that when guardianships abuse financially, there is rarely restoration for the theft.

Perhaps there is hope.

Anonymous said...

Maybe NASGA should make it clear that we'll follow this issue and expect real answers.

Isn't it interesting the trend toward guardianship continues to rise even after HIPPA legislation. Where is the protection?

Anonymous said...

One down and how many to go? We need to find away for all the Supreme Courts to evaluate all the probate judges in all states, and their appointments.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

This smells rotten. It smells like a lot of money in the form of kickbacks from the guardian service to the judge.

The judge profitted in some manner. Was her honor being rewarded for appointing her favorite guardians for profit? I say YES!

And, a percentage of the estate or a sweet bonus for approving all actions by her friends at the guardianship services? I say YES!

Will the judge's bank accounts and financial records be reviewed by investigators?

This judge and her buddies at the guardianship service broke the laws. The deserve to be dragged into court, face justice and answer for their criminal activities in a court of law.

These people belong in a cage.