Friday, January 1, 2010

Puppets Imitate Life

Several puppets play the role of judge, guardian, conservator and lawyer in a court hearing where a forced guardianship is occurring.

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Anonymous said...


And, the painful truth we find out after the damage has been done, too late is that probate court is staged; the hearing room or the courtroom is a stage, with a cast of characters reading from their scripts for the audience and the record.

The probate cast of characters, the players meet behind closed doors with the judge, pre-hearing and pre-trial conferences where the deals are made for the benefit of the Guardian et al at the expense of the Ward of the State.

Anonymous said...

This puppet show is so well done - -what a novel idea to add some humor to such a tragic reality.


Jim said...

Puppets as judges, guardians, attorneys? How fitting!

And the money theme was perfect.

This is a great parody for all ages to watch and learn from.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where was Joker Judge? You know, the guy with the black robe, huge sneakers, bow tie, clown makeup and gavel?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the "safe touch" puppet program used in schools. It should be taken around to Sr. centers to tell the awful truth!

Anonymous said...

The simple approach to a complex issue works perfectly.

The message comes across loud and clear.

So very well done and I can't wait for more!

NASGA said...

Note: this video first ran on the NASGA blog in 2008 and we repeat it here again as we start a new year.

The comments from 2008 are displayed here as well.

Betty said...

It's still as brilliant as it was then!

Barbara said...

Thanks for starting off the new year with this little video.

It really says it all!

Anonymous said...

this video is accurate folks even though it seems impossible this is a peak into the dark side of guardianships - disgusting, shameful bottom feeders, slugs drooling over the money is all this is about how to redirect YOUR money into THEIR pockets = THEFT under color of law case after case after case until it's YOUR turn

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to report that "Joker Judge" died about two years ago.
He often joined our demonstrations
against the courts and bar association.

Thelma said...

I LOVE IT! I listen to it frequently, and even though it is so ugly in its telling, it makes me happy to hear it play out!