Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fmr. Luzerne Co. Judge Accepts Punishment

Michael T. Toole walked into the federal courthouse a judge on Tuesday morning. He walked out four-and-a-half hours later an admitted case-fixer and tax cheat facing more than three years in prison.

One of the U.S. marshals who passed the contents of Toole's pockets through an X-ray machine as the judge arrived at the courthouse Tuesday morning apologized sheepishly after asking for Toole's ID and realizing he was dealing with a judge.

"We don't see you up here enough," he said, smiling weakly.

Toole did not return the smile as he plodded toward his appearance in a fourth-floor courtroom to plead guilty to fraud and filing a false tax return.

The judge, who had kept up a cheerful and amiable front for months as rumors of impending federal charges swept the county courthouse, wore a grim and stoic visage all through his plea hearing Tuesday, telling U.S. District Judge Richard P. Conaboy:

"With the strength of my faith and the support of my family and friends, I am here to accept responsibility for what I've done and accept whatever punishment the court imposes."

Only after the hearing concluded did Toole break into a broad grin, turning toward his brother, Patrick, in the gallery, and saying: "I have to go get my mug shot now" as federal marshals and probation officials led him away for processing before releasing him on his own recognizance.

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Toole Accepts "Whatever Punishment the Court Imposes"

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Anonymous said...

Was this guy protected by the JCB, too?

Anonymous said...


Watching said...

You can bet he probably was, Anon.

Chuck said...

Luzerne County is getting a thorough clean out, slowly but surely.

I am afraid the corruption reaches all the way to the top, though, so there will be many more surprises.