Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Evil Characters

There is nothing short of revolution that can stop the greed that took my mother's life in order to gain her estate. It was done in a thick collusion with the guardian, the Executor appointed to handle my parent's estate, and a sibling.

Soon after my mother's death, the Executor released the guardian of his bond. We had sued the guardian for excess charges and won a return of approximately $97,000. My own property was vandalized, found to be missing, or never arrived after it was supposedly shipped to me - probably in retaliation.

The massive looting of my parent's combined estates was approved by a judge running for election, who divided the remaining spoils with the lawyers and the law firm that had betrayed my father's intent.

Among the missing items, were all photos, memorabilia, personal correspondence, thirteen Banker's boxes of valuable intimate family papers and documents, as well as an inheritance of nearly 30,000 acres in mineral rights. The worst theft of all was of life, family, and happiness.

For anyone who hasn't read Bleak House by Charles Dickens, you will recognize the evil characters.

Written by a NASGA member

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sue said...

Organized crime with mob bosses wearing costumes, including judicial robes.

Where are the federal investigators and prosecutors? This is PUBLIC CORRUPTION.

Betty said...

Bleak House is a perfect analogy!

Anonymous said...

When does this madness end? And, how?

Anonymous said...

The pain is so deep felt and embedded, it will never go away.

I am so sorry for what your Mother endured and am glad you've joined NASGA where other victims know exactly how you feel.