Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Top Stories

Readers pick top stories - Captive teen in Tracy is number four.

A thin, barely clothed and dirty teenager with a shackle around his ankle rushes into a gym in Tracy seeking asylum from what he says is an abusive home.

Tracy Police Department said its investigation reveals a pattern of abuse heaped upon the teen by a woman who is his guardian, the couple in whose home they are living, and a neighbor.

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Record readers pick 2008's top stories: Captive teen in tracy is No. 4

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Anonymous said...

Good -- this story needs to be up there in the headlines. People must never forget.

Anonymous said...

The Public needs to Stand Up and fight for REFORM; we can't sit back and let the vulnerable: elderly, disabled, and children continue to be victims of our INjustice System that court appoints Guardians without responsibility or accountability.
Write, Petition, Picket your Legislators to REFORM our courts.

Anonymous said...

People don't have a clue until it hits their house ~ then it's too late.