Friday, January 2, 2009

Lokuta's Motion Denied

A court has upheld its earlier ruling against a former Luzerne County judge it described as "a bully", removing her from the bench and prohibiting her from holding any judicial office.

The Court of Judicial Discipline denied Ann H. Lokuta's motion to reconsider the sanctions it handed down.

On Dec. 9, the court voted 6-1 to remove Lokuta from the bench. The court ruled Lokuta failed to perform her judicial duties, terrorized courthouse workers and had employees run personal errands.

Lokuta has until Jan. 8 to file an appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Full Article and Source:
State court upholds decision against Pa. judge

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Anonymous said...

I bet she appeals. One thing here -- whether she's being railroaded or not -- she sure is experiencing the full gammot of the so called justice system.