Saturday, January 3, 2009

Famous Producer Sues Lawyer

Producer Jon Peters has sued his former lawyer of "fraudulent, deceitful and criminal acts." The "Rain Man" filmmaker claims Ronald Grigg also stole from him.

As per the lawsuit Peters filed, he hired Grigg in 2006 at a salary of $225,000 a year, at the same time he became seriously ill and was under heavy medication and "vulnerable."

Around that time, the lawyer then went on to appoint himself president of his production company and hired a $60,000-a-year assistant from Peters' own money, doing unrelated legal work for Grigg.

The producer also claims that Grigg stole his computers, which contained confidential information about his film business, and that he was exposed to a lot of "fabricated legal actions that arose from a conspiracy of disgruntled individuals".

Full Article and Source:
Producer Jon Peters Sues Former Lawyer Of Theft And Fraud

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Anonymous said...

This stands to be a big story -- and proof that no one is safe from the predators!

Anonymous said...

This story is just heartbreaking.
Little Leah loses both her parents and now the courts are taking her away from the grandmother her has helped raise her since she was 14 months old. For some reason, Leah's mother wanted her own Mom to care for her child should anything happen to her. This is why parents should re-evaluate the wills annually to make sure, as their children grow, they are taking in consideration any changing needs their kids may have.

Let's pray, the Child Protective Agency doesn't get involved and appoint a GAL for Leah so she can at least have a family member in her life. GOD only knows what nightmare this Agency would cause this little girl.

Anonymous said...

See what they can do when you're down and out?

And we will all be vulnerable during our lifetime.

Scary thought.

Anonymous said...

"Fraudulent, deceitful and criminal acts" unfortunately, describes many attorneys.

The noble profession is no longer noble nor professional.

There are good attorneys, of course, they're just getting harder and harder to find!