Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Court Needs Volunteers

Maricopa County Superior Court needs volunteers to be court visitors or observers in its Guardianship Review Program.

Volunteers spend about an hour a week at various sites to review court files of vulnerable adults. Volunteers must pass a background check and are issued a court identification badge. Mileage reimbursement is available.

For an application or more information, contact Diane Rudnick of Probate Court Investigations at 602-372-9429.

County program seeks helpers


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea. I hope each applicant is required to go through a background check, first. I know that will not be a guarantee that the applicant is acting in good faith, but it is the least they could do. The bottom line is that I have learned that many people have their own agenda, their own motives to find out information about others for their own gain.

Anonymous said...

This is an opportunity for victims to help others - and do some much neeeded education at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Volunteers (SAFE in Nevada) gave me opportunity of surviving to now. I joined/volunteered SAFE, accepted and in training. When I was spotted by an ATTY whom deems me as threat to HER (ask me why), she had me removed from the program. The reason of dismissal was my inability to communicate verbally- Double HA !!

Anonymous said...

I wish NASGA had the numbers to do this in every state. They probably pick carefully but it would be worth a try.

Anonymous said...

They need to do more than review court documents; they need to be IN THE COURT during hearings to keep these Probate Judges and their cronies (Attorneys) from misrepresenting facts/truth allowing them to strip the rights and liberties away from vulnerable citizens with ASSETS for the unscrupulous to profit off. Ha! Whoever thought Probate Judges and Lawyers and Judges had INTEGRITY???????? Oh yea, Politicians!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Reviewing a case file is not enough oversight but it is a good beginning.

We need volunteer court watchers right there in the court room.

In my area, many retirees are doing just that. How do we get the retired folks interested?

PS to LDAVIS - having you removed from SAFE program by a lawyer who viewed you as a threat (what other reason?) with a trumped up cause of action goes to show you who is running the show --- LAWYERS! --- they're everywhere.