Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hearing Canceled

A Dallas hearing involving a motion to withdraw life support from a brain-damaged baby whose parents have been arrested on abuse charges did not happen as scheduled.

The baby’s court-appointed guardian, who filed the motion last week, told a juvenile court judge that doctors at Children’s Medical Center have determined there has been a change in the condition of 6-month-old David Coronado Jr.

It was unclear if the baby’s condition took a turn for the better or worse.

The parents, David Cesar Coronado Sr. and Ruthy Marie Chabolla are accused of abusing the infant so cruelly that he has been in intensive care since last month. They were arrested Dec. 23 and are being held in the Dallas County Jail on charges of injury to a child.

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Hearing to end life support for abused baby is canceled

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Anonymous said...

If it is proven that the parents did it, they should be sterilized before they get out of jail!

Anonymous said...

Will the charges be changed to murder would the child die or be taken off life support?

These circumstances have happened before. The parents in the one I knew of objected because the charges would change.

Anonymous said...

I hope the child has taken a change for the better -- and I'm also surprised it makes a difference if he does.

Sadly, society is all to quick to execute the severly disabled nowdays.

Anonymous said...

If the parents are guilty, they should be neutered first and then thrown in a cage.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be the best news if this young child has a chance to recover? What would the guardian say, then?

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD they didn't 'execute' the baby by pulling the plug. Gheez! The baby's body and brain hadn't even been given the chance to heal and the Guardian is right there to end his life! Bet if the baby had a HUGE inheritance or disability claim/settlement, they'd be FIGHTING to keep the little angel alive so they could bill their exhorbitant fees as if his estate were their Residual Income Account! Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Right on Anonymous. If there were $$$ signs attached to this innocent life, the guardians and a parade of lawyers from the dark side would be setting up guard stations to keep the source of the funding alive.

What a sick underworld society that makes money from grief, sadness and tragedies.

Anonymous said...

This would be nothing less than execution, so I am glad at least the child is safe - for now.