Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seniors Found Living in Dire Conditions in San Bernardino

Authorities in San Bernardino uncovered what are described as prison camp conditions at a group home. Investigators say seniors, some mentally disabled, were abused, crammed into chicken coops and forced to go to the bathroom in buckets.

Authorities say the facility was an illegal adult group home that was not licensed by the city or the state.

The home owner, 61-year-old Pensri Sophar Dalton, was arrested Friday. She's accused of forcing mentally ill adults to live in prison camp-like conditions; housing them in converted chicken coops with razor wire fences surrounding the facility and padlocked gates.

City Attorney James Penman says 22 people were living in three dilapidated buildings - none of them with indoor plumbing. He says residents used buckets as toilets.

"The house has been converted. We believe there may be some illegal conversions in the bedrooms. People were living in rooms as small as 6 to 15 feet, two beds and a mattress to the room," said Penman.

He says the conditions were amongst the worst he's ever seen.

Full Article, Source and Video:
Alleged Elder Abuse in San Bernardino


Sue said...

This is the USA? Can't be! Can it?

I hope there is a special place in the hottest part of HELL for Pensri Sophar Dalton for allowing this, facilitating this cruel, inhumane environment on helpless people.

I want to know who else knew about this situation and when did it begin?

What did they know?

When did they know about it?

And, what if anything they did about it? Anyone who had any knowledge about this belongs in prison with Dalton for the rest of their sorry lives.

I hope the authorities dig way deep to get all the facts to get to the the bottom of this muck, this shameful situation.

Holocaust Rememberer said...

That sicko should be taken out and shot! No trial; no justice - just shot!

Anonymous said...

I hate this. Those poor people - it's just unimaginable.

Yes, Pensri Sophar Dalton needs a permanent new home.

Anonymous said...

How much money do you tink Pensri Dalton was enjoying by incarcerating these people?

StandUp said...

There's another thing to consider here --- who is supposed to be checking and why didn't that agency find this before?

I have heard of group home horrors such as these. Hard to believe it is happening here, but it sure is.

Anonymous said...

I hope people are driven into action to march in the streets demanding more investigation and heads as they would be doing if this was an animal shelter with animals subjected to the worst living conditions. Shameful and disgraceful.

Betty said...

It is fitting that this article is running on the same day as an article about Pet Trusts.

We (society) tolerate worse treatment for humans than we do animals.

Where's the outrage?

Anonymous said...

I think this article will give me nightmares. Thank you for the article, but no thanks for the nightmare!

We cannot imagine the torture these helpless people went through. They probably cried out for help and felt desserted.

There are some debts to society that can't be paid back. This is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you NASGA for including this story on your website. The victims of this cruelty cannot recover physically or mentally, that would be impossible so I propose the persons involved in this brutality come to the same end post haste. I have to wonder how much money is involved here and where is the money? How was it used? Where did it come from? There is so much more to this shocking story the state of California and San Bernardino will need truck loads of muck rakers digging in the muck of deceit and greed. Pensri Sophar Dalton must face the consequences for her intentional actions. I pray the consequences for her crimes will send shock waves from coast to coast.

Anonymous said...

This animal should be charged with 22 counts of attempted murder. And serve 22 life sentences.

Please continue to follow this story, NASGA.