Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Woman on a Mission

Wanda Scroggins has a mission to change two Arkansas laws.

Her mission was formed when she questioned some of the medical treatment of her 90-year-old mother in a nursing home and wanted to take care of her mother at home.

Scroggins had no say in the treatment of her mother, Lois Kennedy Axton, because she had unknowingly lost the guardianship and power of attorney.

“She was dying and needed the help I could give her on a daily basis. That was what I was trying to do,” Scroggins said.

Full Article and Source:
Woman on a Mission to Change Guardianship Laws for Elderly


Anonymous said...

I hope Wanda Scroggins finds and joins NASGA.

StandUp said...

Good for you, Wanda Scroggins!

Anonymous said...

SHe lost guardianship and PoA wihtout her knowledge?

Sounds like guardianship abuse to me!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see some people who suffer a terrible injustice turn their energy into fixing the system.

Too many people don't hang around to help anybody else after their problem is solved.

Norma said...

One of the worst things for people to realize about guardianship is that guardianship strips the ward of the title of "mother" or "father" because in reality, the child's mother or father has been stolen by the state.

How can we accept that we have no say in our parents' health issues? We can't. It doesn't make sense.

jerri said...

this is getting really frightening and even more frightening is that this stuff isn't in the fluffy censored news we get like i said before nasga is the place to read the real news that affects us i think the best way to be is without any money then the greedy vultures leave you alone they don't pick your bones better to be homeless on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Scroggins is a warrior!