Friday, April 9, 2010

Aide Stuffs Sock in Patient's Mouth

An aide at a northwestern Minnesota nursing home crammed a sock in the mouth of a screaming resident because the woman, elderly and in the late stages of dementia, wouldn't be quiet, according to a state Health Department report.

The report quotes a co-worker as saying, "What the hell are you doing?" as the incident unfolded on Jan. 4 in the resident's room at the Sunnyside Care Center in Lake Park.

The co-worker told an investigator that the nursing assistant "chuckled" and responded that the resident "wouldn't quit hollering," the report added. The co-worker then removed the sock from the resident's mouth.

The nursing assistant, who was hired in October 2009 at the care center east of Fargo, was fired.

Full Article and Source:
State: Nursing Home Aide Stuffed Sock in Dementia Patient's Mouth


StandUp said...

Fired isn't good enough. She aide should be prosecuted for abuse.

jerri said...

the woman could have died from this i hope i drop dead before i have any aging diseases cause this is what is in our future?

Anonymous said...

This aide should be in prison.

Tom said...

This makes me sick. How can anyone be this cruel?

Wondering said...

Wonder what the aide's mother thinks of her child doing this cruel act to a vulnerable person...

Pretty sick stuff.