Sunday, September 5, 2010

Conservatorship Battle Over Former Probate Judge Edward F. Casey

A trial that could ultimately decide control of a prominent retired judge's financial affairs has been scheduled for Sept. 20 in superior court.

Former Probate Court Judge Edward F. Casey and his caretaker, City Councilor Kimberly Allard, have been the subjects of a nasty legal battle since this spring, when state Rep. and former City Councilor Bill Bowles sought and obtained appointment as temporary conservator for the judge.

Bowles, who is seeking permanent conservatorship with the support of Casey's family, has alleged Allard took advantage of her friendship with the judge to obtain ownership of an Attleboro house purchased by the judge that was transferred into her name.

Bowles, in a separate lawsuit, is charging that Allard used undue influence over the judge. Allard declined comment on her case and said she is not directly involved in the conservatorship dispute.

Full Article and Source:
Trial Set for Control Over Judge's Assets

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Thelma said...


It can happen to anyone!

Wondering said...

Casey should be able to say who he wants.

Come to think of it, if he can voice who he wants, why can't he give a DPoA and scrap the guardianship train?

Monica said...

Right on, Thelma!

Betty said...

You'd think a probate judge would have protected himself better....

Anon said...

Very sad. I will pray for Mr. Casey.