Thursday, September 23, 2010

Former Atty Pieter J. DeJong Charged With Stealing From Client's Estate

A disbarred attorney who lives in Long Valley was arraigned Tuesday on charges of stealing $265,552 between 2005 and 2008 from a deceased woman's estate.

Pieter J. DeJong, 62, was indicted by a Morris County grand jury on Sept. 3 on three theft-related charges that allege he stole between February 2005 and June 2008 money that belonged to the estate of Jane Davis.

DeJong did not speak during the brief arraignment in state Superior Court, Morristown, but defense lawyer Thomas Fischer entered a not guilty plea on DeJong's behalf.

DeJong, who was licensed to practice law in 1972, was disbarred by the state Supreme Court in September 2009 after he failed to respond to allegations of misappropriation of monies. His practice consisted mainly of real estate law.

He previously was reprimanded in 1985 for gross neglect and lack of diligence, and five times between 1992 and 2008 was on the state Supreme Court's list of attorneys ineligible to practice law because he didn't pay an annual attorney fee to the New Jersey Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection, according to state records.

Full Article and Source:
Ex-Attorney Pieter DeJong Who Ran Flanders, NJ, Practice Charged with Stealing Over $265,000 From Client's Estate


Anonymous said...

Another thieving lawyer, stealing from the helpless...

Anonymous said...

Way to go NJ Attorney Ethics.
They knew this guy was a bad apple for years ..... I'm sure there are plenty of other victims that Attorney Ethics thought well it's just money ...... and us attorneys deserve to take it even if it's not ours to take.

Rich said...

Sounds like he's been a rotten egg for a long time. Why did it take so long to disbar him?

Anonymous said...

peter dejoung just another bagman for peter mocco the scumbag, i no he was my lawyer for 7 years until i found out peter mocco had paid h im off ,hay chris gibbs your next.peter mocco ,peter dejong committed the biggest bankrupsy frauds in the country,i guess mocco couldnt come up with the cash to cover his bagman

NASGA said...

This comment was posted by Anonymous 3/28/11 and was edited only to clean up foul language:

bankrupsy!! learn how to spell Jim you jerk. This is his daughter and he did NOTHING WRONG and all you people are doing is making his life and my life a living hell. Here's a thought! maybe I should have a freakin child and suck welfare funds out of the government, talk about theives!!! Or maybe I should become a d-bag on wallstreet and take money from the middle class. well you know what, f that. I am living on my own, paying for school, and doing something with my life other than bullying people. My dad would give his life for his family and has been the best Dad I could ever ask for. Your dad was prob an abusive drunk and that is why you are so screwed up. these a^(*#)s that decided to f up screwed my dad over and now our family has lost everything. I freakin HATE people!!

Anonymous said...

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