Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iowa Facility Fined for Repeated Sexual Nursing Home Abuse

The Abington on Grand Nursing Home in Ames, Iowa has been fined $6000 for not protecting residents from repeated sexual nursing home abuse. The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals said the mentally disabled residents of the nursing home were subjected to sexual abuse and threats of violence.

One of the alleged abusers was a resident who was court ordered to the nursing home. The staff had documented numerous times the man's sexual abuse of other residents, as well as his threats to kill people. One staff member told investigators she saw the man having sex with another resident but was told by the nurse in charge to just keep an eye on the two.

Investigators were also told by a staff member that a female resident with a severe mental impairment had been caught having sex with residents but the situation was laughed off by other staff members.

The owner of the Abington on Grand who was fined the $6000 said he has nothing to do with how the facility is run.

"I'm just the owner," he said. "The company I have is just the owner of the real estate. We have nothing to do with the operation."

Full Article and Source:
Iowa Nursing Home Fined for Repeated Sexual Nursing Home Abuse

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Thelma said...

What can we do to stop this?

Steve said...

I hope to read that there are major lawsuits filed.

StandUp said...

This is sick stuff. The facility should be closed now - immediately, and the patients should be sent elsewhere.

Criminal charges should be filed on the employees involved and the owners.

jerri said...

if this was a day care center what would happen?

Rachael said...

Somehow, these stories continue to amaze me. When I think I've heard it all and people just can't get any crueler, they do.

Shame on them. May they all get what's coming to them.