Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CT: Probate Stench

The developer who signed a deal so he could acquire the lucrative Smoron Farm has gone to court to get the land.

Carl Verderame, a Southington developer, signed a deal to buy the Smoron Farm from three local churches under a scheme engineered by John Nugent, who was supposed to be looking after the interests of the elderly and dying Josephine Smoron.

Smoron's will handed the farm to her longtime caretaker, Sam Manzo. He has no interest in selling the farm to Verderame, a well-connected Southington developer who does business as Central Connecticut Contracting.

Without telling Smoron and Manzo, Nugent changed Smoron's estate, leaving the old farm long I-84 near Queen Street to three local churches along with the contract to sell the farm to Verderame.

Verderame's contract to buy the land for $1.5 million was never approved by probate court, which is required by law.

The case is now before judges in Superior and Probate courts. The original probate judge in the case, Bryan Meccariello, withdrew from his re-election race after he was sanctioned by a judicial oversight panel. Nugent faces possible disbarment.

Probate Stench: Developer Suing Over Smoron Farm

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Thelma said...

The judiciary has become too arrogant.

More of these bums should be chased off the bench.

Tami Goldmann said...

It blows my mind that this case even made it in Superior court. Disbar the crook and throw the fake will out. How difficult is that?

I wonder if Nugent would have gotten away with the scam if the orignal judge were still on the bench?

StandUp said...

Tell it like it is, Rick Green!

common sense said...

I thought this case was cleaning up. A lawyer must have thought of something else to drag it on and keep his/her fees flowing.

jerri said...

many people are guardianized so for a laundry list of sinister reasons so that others can scheme to seize the innocent victims property and assets the courts that allow all these dirty schemes need to be held accountable along with all those who conspired and colluded the judges can't be that inept and stupid more like corrupt

Jane Branson said...

In my opinion, Mediation with the family would be a much better alternative rather than any Court procedure. Judges, attorneys, social workers all need to be cut out of any decisions concerning elders lives, for the very fact none of the above know the elder, their background, personal or medical needs or their wishes. These people have no knowledge of the history or dynamics of the family and would not be able to discern what would be in the best interest of the elder. would you drop off your child to a total stranger ? The court room for elders has become a cold place of business without any consideration for elders rights.. If mediators purpose is to meet with all siblings to protect and intervene on the elders part to close the door on any predators trying to take advantage of the elder's, money, property, assets or trying to lock them away in a institution, we should go forward with Mediators. But keep all meetings out of a Probate Court, judge's should not have any authority of the elder or control the Mediator. The abuse and negligence elders needlessly suffer in these facilities, should be reason enough to take the power away from Probate courts, attorneys, & guardians that have put our elders in harms way, along with the social workers at the facilities involved who conspire with the system, so they can their monthly cut from the State. No family member or stranger should have the right to force their parent/elder in an institution, sell their beloved home against the parent/elders wishes, then use up their financial assets as they deem fit. If there is a disagreement among siblings, Mediation should be the Only solution, And, during the process of mediation the elder's wishes should be acknowledged, and expedited. Mom was not allowed to be present at her own hearing. Mom's own attorney, the guardian ad litem documented in his report to the Probate Judge, "Mollie Florkey does not want her son to be guardian and she wants to return home." The guardian ad litem turned his back on Mollie Florkey during the guardianship hearing, he refused to stand up in court to defend Mollie's rights and what her wishes were., The judge read the guardian ad litems report, he knew Mollie didn't want her son to be guardian but the judge appointed him guardian anyway. Mollie was physically and mentally abused, isolated and threatened, at the facility " to keep quiet," Mollie was sedated in order to stop her from talking. Families that cannot afford the $5,000 plus mediator fee, to protect their love ones, the State should expedite a grant fund or a affordable pay back plan for the Mediators to continue. Compared to the Millions of $ Dollars it is costing Our Taxpayers to pay these nursing facilities for Medicare/Medicaid expenses and the billions of dollars these predators are milking from the elders accounts, verses the elder living at home with family would SAVE the States Billions ! In 2007 I petitioned the Probate court for a Mediator to discuss what would be in the best interest of our Mother and made sure a copy of the petition was mailed to the poa and his attorney. The Court, the poa and his attorney completely ignored my petition because the Court had already decided "Before," the hearing Mom's wishes would be ignored. Mom was forced in a facility against her will, Mom was demeaned and stripped of all her rights. Guess the judge thought it was better for the Hillsboro Ohio facility to force our taxpayers pay over $74,000.00 a year, for Mom's forced stay at their facility which does not include medical, therapy, etc. verses Mom living at home with family. Mom does not receive 24/7 care at the facility because she must share the aides with the other residents. But at home Mom would receive one on one care. Clearly it would be less costly for Mollie to live at home.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope justice prevails in this case, despite the odds.