Thursday, January 6, 2011

Danny Tate's Issues on Appeal


If you read what is required by the TN statutes on guardianship (conservatorship) and then compare what Judge Randy Kennedy did to Danny Tate, it reads like a CSI story of an evidence trail so long and so strong, that it is impossible to come to any conclusion other than that every order in the case must be reversed on appeal.

Danny Tate has been freed from his captivity in this unlawful case, but the Conservator still remains in control of his assets, and Danny is now being sued by his wife for nonpayment of child support, which the Conservator - his Dear Brother, by the way - stopped paying on his behalf.

Where do we go from here?

Here is the filed document stating the issues on appeal, in the clearest of terms.

Tate Issues on Appeal


Anonymous said...


Go, Danny, go!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on the Tate case.

Steve said...

We are with you, Danny. And we are hopeful!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a crime that an innocent person is forced to go through this ordeal. Danny was ambushed in court in a matter of minutes in a hearing that was like a frat party his life was ruined and it is taking him more than 3 years and how much more money that he doesn't have to get justice. What a lowlife racket and the only ones who benefit profit are the lawyers who are getting richer by the minute while the victim is hanging on by a thread. Good going USA and we want other countries to be like us? God help them, God help us

Lou said...

Danny's "person" was able to get free but they aren't letting go of his "financials", Danny's income. The guardianship abusers LOVE that monthly income.
Look out music industry, here they come.

Thelma said...

The Tate case is an example of what guardianship has become - a feeding frenzy for unethical lawyers and professional
"fiduciary" nonprofit corporations - certainly not the intent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Danny really did not get freed, and the courts are finding ways to keep spinning those who dare to come to court.

It's time the FBI and Department of Justice in Washington DC step in.

This morning on the radio they were stating that there are not enough federal judges who are actually creating justice in the courts.