Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'Life Without Lawyers'

“[Life Without Lawyers is] crammed with telling cases, anecdotes, and data. It brims with insights into how ‘rights’ that were created to prevent ‘unfairness by those in authority’ are now ‘guaranteeing unfairness to the common good.’

...[The book] makes a powerful case that unless leaders from outside the world of politics overpower the entrenched special interests that dominate both major political parties, even Barack Obama will have little chance of transforming Washington – and no chance at all of fixing our schools, health care, or stultifying legal culture.”
—Stuart Taylor, National Journal Magazine

“Philip Howard’s Life Without Lawyers hits the nail on the head – incoherent legalities stultify necessary change and frustrate attempts to use common sense in solving the problems that face our country. This is a real wake-up call from one of America’s finest public minds.”
—former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley

Philip K. Howard

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Shane said...

Lawyers have certainly made us dependent on them. And that would be ok if they did their job and vigorously advocated for us. But, overall they don't. They juggle cases and work harder getting the clients than keeping them.