Friday, February 18, 2011

Press Release: Disney Grandson Speaks Out for Reform

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Press Release
February 17, 2011
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Grandson of Walt Disney seeks probate relief from Arizona State Legislature

February 17, 2011-Phoenix, ARIZONA – Speaking in support of an effort to reform the Arizona Probate Courts, Bradford Disney Lund testified today before the House Judiciary Committee of the Arizona State Legislature in favor of HB2424. Lund, 40, the grandson of Walt Disney has been embroiled in an Arizona probate court action that he has fought for over a year. Saying that “the last 16 months have been like Never-Never Land in a nightmare that never ends,” he was among several who spoke in support of the bill. When asked by committee chair Rep. Eddie Farnsworth-R-22, what the cost of his legal defense has been, Mr. Lund testified he has spent in excess of $1 million.

Mr. Lund related the awareness of a need for reform was made very real when he found himself required to defend his rights after an estranged aunt, the sister of Lund’s deceased mother, filed an order with the court to appoint a guardian to oversee Lund’s affairs and has attempted to have him declared incapacitated. He explained, “I hadn’t seen my aunt in over 7 years when she filed this action. Such a malicious use of the courts is just one of the reasons why I feel it is so important for this bill to pass.”

The bill passed the committee with 8 members voting for it and only Rep. Tom Chabin, D-Flagstaff, voting present. Opposition to the bill by the Arizona Supreme Court was voiced by their lobbyist citing an objection to the legislature involving itself in the courts. In conclusion, Farnsworth spoke to the courts objections saying, “We do not make laws for the people who do the right thing but for those that don’t. There are bad actors in this process and we need to protect the people from the abuses we have heard today.”

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Sue said...

Good going Brad!

Thank you .... thank you..... thank you.... for the courage to speak out and shout out loud, giving a voice to so many who have been silenced.

APPLAUSE AND STANDING OVATION to you and your supporters for your time, efforts hard work and sacrifices.

May God Bless You!

Anonymous said...


Steve said...

Well done, Mr. Lund!

Barbara said...

This is great news and quite an accomplishment!

Connie said...

Thank you for representing all victims across the states, Brad. You did us proud!

honeybear said...

I'm standing, clapping and cheering!

StandUp said...

Your Grandfather is smiling at you, Brad!

Finny said...

Celebrate this victory!

Anonymous said...

Pandora's Box is about to blown wide open... Thank God!!

"Opposition to the bill by the Arizona Supreme Court was voiced by their lobbyist citing an objection to the legislature involving itself in the courts"...


Perhaps the Arizona Supreme Court folks are nervous that they may actually have some true oversight and accountability in future Probate matters. Perhaps they are concerned that the past injustices to the victims and families of the Arizona Probate system will finally come to light!

This would include all of the equally complicit Probate Attorneys, Fiduciairies, Personal Representatives, Guardians, etc...
the very folks who were charges to "protect the wards" yet who have been extremely well-networked to vehemently oppose this bill from passing. Many, if not most of them, with vested financial interests, have been working feverishly to defeat this bill due to the additional oversight, accountability, transparency and liabilities it will impose upon them.

The Probate system in AZ, is currently one immense "good ol' boys network" and filled with unparalleled greed, corruption and self-dealing.

The "players" are highly vested in protecting and furthering their mutual self-interests.

Very, very few complaints against these "players" ever get past their fellow gatekeepers within the system, and deliberately so.

The families are also often painted as being "troublesome", "unreasonable", "meddlesome", etc, ... Thereby, the family can then be written out of the picture, giving the probate folks, the vested players, virtual free reign to do as they please,less any accountability to family.

Eventually, in many cases,the ward then dies; alone and confused as to why the family abandoned them.

Talk about a perfectly heinous set-up to exploit Arizona's elderly and incapacitated individuals.

Thank you for speaking out Mr. Lund.

May you be a courageous inspiration to many, many, many other families.

Anonymous said...

I said it that day, and i'll say it again.... BRAD DID A GREAT JOB!! He said what he had to say, quick, straight to the point, and with apparent concern in his voice. He ultimately got his message across in the short amount of time allowed...AND THEY LISTENED!! Give yourself a rewarding pat on the back, sir, have definately earned it!