Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red Flags in the Jerry Eckwood Guardianship

Red flags shot up all over the Jerry Eckwood case file.

First, Christina Norris is attorney for the Petitioner. Ms. Norris is a campaign contributor to Judge Kennedy’s unopposed “re-election”. In a study of Judge Kennedy’s rulings, no campaign contributor has EVER been ruled against.

Second, Paul Gonterak, appointed Guardian Ad Litem, is a campaign contributor to Judge Kennedy’s unopposed “re-election”. It’s obvious from his report that he is cooperating with Ms. Norris and the Probate racket.

We spoke with Jerry Eckwood on the telephone several times. He’s got a great memory for someone diagnosed with dementia. He is contesting the conservatorship. Contesting a conservatorship is another great way for Kennedy to clean out your account.

Judge Kennedy often announces from the bench in open court that “there are more conservatorships in this court than any other court in the state”. I’m not sure he should be bragging about this, but seems to constantly be ruling as if he’s protected. And maybe he is, but not from public scrutiny.



Finny said...

You impeachrandykennedy folks are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Thank impeachers, for pointing this out.