Monday, March 28, 2011

Mickey Rooney Reaches Settlement With One of his Stepsons

A settlement was reached between Mickey Rooney and one of his stepsons, who the 90-year-old actor had accused of trying to gain control of his assets, an attorney for the movie icon said after a court conservatorship hearing [3/25/11].

Lawyer Bruce S. Ross said the resolution means a scheduled April 5 hearing on a possible extension of the current stay-away order against Christopher Thomas Aber and his wife, Christina, will not be held.

He said both Abers have agreed to the provisions of the current order without having to have further enforcement by a judge.

The restraining order directed Aber and his wife -- who both denied any wrongdoing -- to stay at least 100 yards from Rooney and his home.

Also protected under the order were another Rooney stepson, 48-year-old Mark Aber Rooney, and the latter's 58-year-old wife, Charlene. Both have lived with the actor since April 2009.

Christopher Aber, 52, regularly went to Rooney's home unannounced and the actor hid in his room to avoid him, according to court papers submitted by the actor's lawyers in support of the restraining order.

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Mickey Rooney Reaches Settlement With One of his Stepsons


StandUp said...

I am sorry to see this family in such turmoil.

Anonymous said...

I hope this family is trying to mediate.