Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'The Adele Chris Act'

Read proposed legislation submitted by Marked for Destruction's author, John Caravella, to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security at their request for a Model Law" to combat abusive guardianships: The Adele Chris Act

View the May 25, 2010 Subcommittee Hearing

Contact the Committee and voice your support

What Adele Fraulen might have thought to be nothing more than a meaningless bad dream one night in 1935 would actually come true. At age 79 she would find herself living a nightmare -- a struggle for her life, simply because she innocently trusted the wrong professionals to help with her portion of a Million Dollar inheritance; they would steal her very existence. Her neighbors, Chris and Patricia Zurillo, would realize that Adele's life was going terribly wrong and dedicate themselves to freeing her from captivity. “Marked For Destruction” is a rare book that exposes an ever-expanding crime against our elderly.


A Free Gift From Adele's Neighbors - Read 'Marked for Destruction' online


Norma said...

I support the Adele Chris Act and I hope that our elected representatives do too!

helensciece said...

Our leaders asked for a model law, a model law was submitted by John Caravella yet nothing abot the failure of the guardianship system is being addressed as more innocent US citizens fall into the guardianship trap. When a guardianship goes bad it's too late and there is no way out it's a life sentence. Current laws are riddled with loopholes and sinkholes and in many cases the current laws related to guardianships and conservatorships are not followed nor are they enforced.

Cases are available for review read the facts and let's get on with the hearings now before we read about your sad story needless suffering on the NASGA blog, or will we be seeing you or your loved ones photo on Victims page of NASGA website.

StandUp said...

You're right, helensciece, nothing's been done. It really is an indication that those who asked for the model law asked only to convince us that they are interested, when they're not.

Connie said...

Thank you, Mr. Caravella, for your work in developing this model code. Now how do we get those uninterested congress people to wake up and become interested in this cause?

Anonymous said...

This is great, but we still need someone to care when the crooks don't follow the law.

Peg said...

This is exactly what's needed? Is Washington asleep or what's the problem?

Barbara said...

Why isn't Senator Kohl and the Senate Special Committee on Aging acting on this proposed legislation?