Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Gus Bilirakis: Do You Remember Adele Fletcher?

To help refresh your memory, as a Tampa area attorney you assisted your client with improperly guardianizing Adele Fletcher, which resulted in your client's conviction for felony scheming to defraud.

You did not come to your client's aide during her criminal trial.

Below are your documents that facilitated this fraud, which may assist in refreshing your recall of events:

[A]summary of the closing days in Adele Fletcher's' life. Please review the information for accuracy and let us know if you have any questions:

The two documents below reveal what turned out to be implausible reasons for your claimed need to take away a senior citizen's freedom to live:
Incapacity, Page one
Incapacity, Page two

The next two documents below reflect your investigation attested to under penalty of perjury that Adele Fletcher had no money or assets. You may recall that your meeting with Adele, in her home, to discuss what to do with her inheritance, that added an additional tax liability, to her existing income, and existing accounts with her stock broker, was arranged for you and Fran Lang by Adele's stock broker. A reasonable assumption that you did not raise during your investigation is that the mere existence of a stock broker in Adele's life points to the presence of assets.

Indigent,Page one
Indigent,Page two

The document below shows that eventually you found Adele Fletcher indeed had money and assets, but by that time the assets previously hidden from the court's knowledge were securely under your control by way of your client Fran Lang:
Terminate Insolvency

For additional reading about your client's conviction you can review a news article at this web site:
Ex-Guardian Gets Probation

You can also watch a short video at:
YouTube: Adele's Nightmare

An Open Letter To:
The Honorable Gus Bilirakis
United States House of Representatives

Dear Gus:

Please contact us if you would like any additional information to assist with your recall of this case. We feel that you played a significant and indispensable role in Adele Fletcher's demise and the felony conviction of Fran Lang that followed. Our hope, in your current role as a United States Congressional Representative, is that you will clearly and forever remember Adele Fletcher while you profess concern about improving the quality of life for the other senior citizens you now represent.

If you need further assistance please email us at:

The Friends of Adele Fletcher

Dear Gus Bilirakis: Do You Remember Adele Fletcher?


Thelma said...

How can they just sit there and smile and make believe that they're not really bad people?

Barbara said...

That's the question of the year, Thelma. I think they think they've pulled the wool over our eyes and Adele Fletcher is forgotten. No, Adele is remembered.

Sue said...

How can anyone who knows about this case NOT remember Adele Fletcher?

Adele is one of many and nothing has changed has it? no safeguards, no remedies, busines as usual in the past 10 years and most importantly more victims into the guardianship industry via fraudulent petitions.

Who is next?

Mike said...

It's a pretty sad state of affairs that Florida, a state full of vulnerable elderly people, would vote a guy like this into office after what he did to Adele Fletcher.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Gus Bilirakis. Shame on you.

jerri said...

adele is a beautiful woman who deserved to be free i will always remember adele

Diane said...

I just bet Gus Bilirakis won't be interested in guardianship reform! I'd hate to be a constituent in his district!

honeybear said...

You're right,Diane, and I bet he calls in sick on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day too.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how a person's past is locked in with a persons present day life. I guess this would be considered 'skeletons in the closet'? It's only right to wonder if this happened to Adele how many others are in that closet? Does anybody care?

Kevin said...

Do Bilirakis' fellow members in the House know what he did to Adele Fletcher?

If not, they should!