Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woman Found in FL Freezer

For six years, Allan Dunn kept dodging judicial reviews of how he was caring for his incapacitated wife, over whom he had been appointed guardian.

When forced to account, he painted a bleak portrait of a woman confined to her bed, someone he slavishly tended, including changing her diaper and turning her to fend off bedsores.

For most of that time, authorities think, Margaret Dunn was dead — her body stuffed into a freezer on the porch of the couple's Sun City Center condominium.

Allan Dunn committed suicide in August at age 86.

A body thought to be that of Margaret Dunn was found last month when the woman overseeing Dunn's estate and her sister went to clean the condo in preparation for listing it for sale.

Authorities think Dunn hid the body so he could continue collecting some financial benefit, although they have not specified the source of the money.

A preliminary autopsy determined the woman was about 78 when she died of natural causes, likely in 2000. She was wearing a diaper.

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Woman in Freezer About 78 Years Old


Anonymous said...

Very sad story!

Sue said...

What was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

Where was the rest of the family? Or friends? Neighbors, church? Makes you wonder.