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Gary Harvey: At the Mercy of a Cold, Heartless System

The tragic case of Gary and Sara Harvey has similarities to Terri Schiavo’s and her family’s case. In January of 2006, Horseheads, New York resident, Gary Harvey, a Vietnam veteran, fell down a flight of basement stairs at his home and sustained a brain injury that has since left him in a vegetative state.

As Chelsea Schilling, writing for WorldNetDaily, reported last year,

“Gary, an only child who is estranged from his two adult children, did not have a living will.

His wife, Sara, had him placed in a nursing home so he would receive care while she returned to her full-time job.

Following a family dispute over Gary’s assets, State Supreme Court Judge Robert Mulvey determined that Sara Harvey was not a suitable guardian for her husband and designated the county as legal guardian, according to Elaine Renoire, spokeswoman for the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, or NASGA, who is familiar with the case.

When [Chemung] county authorities took guardianship, Sara was separated from any decision making process for her husband’s health and medical welfare. Gary’s father is deceased, and his elderly mother has not attempted to obtain guardianship. Sara has been trying to get the judge’s guardianship decision overturned.”

Sara Harvey, almost single-handedly, has stood firmly against the machine of the “system” in her county. Just like Terri Schiavo’s family, Sara is desperately fighting to simply bring her husband home and care for him herself where he can at least enjoy the comfort of his own home and the loving care of his wife.

The case is complicated, though unnecessarily so, in my opinion.

I write for, and it is because of another lady who also writes for Dakota Voice, Carrie K. Hutchens, that I have been aware of Gary’s case for a couple of years now. Carrie has written numerous times about Gary and Sara’s plight. Carrie’s deep passion for this terrible situation shouts out through the words she writes.

In her latest column, Carrie wrote,

“How long has it been since Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs? How long has it been since he found himself vulnerable and fighting not only for life just because of his injuries, but fighting for life because the government officials and so-called ethics committees decided it was time to end his life by starving and dehydrating him to death? Just how long has it been and what has changed since the fight began all those years ago?

Some people have opened their eyes, started paying attention and have begun grasping the idea that something ‘ain’t’ right here in the world of Gary Harvey and his so-called government protectors.

It doesn’t matter ‘why’ Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs. What does matter is what has transpired since then and whether he has had a true chance at recovery and comfort to whatever extent is possible rather than what has been assigned to him by those who really don’t have his best interest at heart.”

Just like the awful, helpless situation in which Terri Schiavo’s family found themselves, so Sara Harvey stands at the mercy of a cold, heartless, evil system. However, there yet may be a gleam of hope. A lawsuit which Sara Harvey filed against Chemung County has been allowed to continue before the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division.

Full Article, Source, and Audio:
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Ed said...

Choo Choo is picking up speed look where Gary Harvey's story is getting picked up...

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Gary Harvey Case Illustrates Corrupt, Evil System
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Tom said...

An example of why NY judges should get a 62% pay increase for what to isolate, or elders, disabled, vulernable and children?

To exploite, negelct and abuse them?

Anonymous said...

Great article and Carrie you are correct..It is not about the accident, it is not about the family, It is about what Kevin Moshier, Bryan Maggs, Rita Gould Linda Daino and Deretha Watterson has done to Gary Harvey and Judge Judith O'Shea protects them all.

God will be the FINAL judge for these abusers for isolating this man and putting him through hell by keeping him from his family.

Betty said...

This artilce is a master piece. Thank you Gina Miller, Carrie Hutchens and Dakota Voice!

David said...

When will America, groups and organizations join together and make a differnce? This has to stop or we are all doomed. Good for Gary Harvey to finally have his day in court.

Long journey for this strong vietnam era veteran..Lets all pray that justice will be served and give us who are still in the fight some hope.

Sara Harvey said...

Thank you NASGA,Elaine,Marti Oakley, Tim, Sam, Holly, Ritzy, Diane, Bobby and Mary Schindler, Rusty Ray, Jeff Rense, Dakota Voice and especially Carrie K. Hutchens for not only supporting my husband but has become a dear friend to me.

There are many more to list and for all those I did not mention you are in my heart.

Bless you all.

Thelma said...

The court system has become a sick, slick money-making business, and it IS evil when it undertakes to destroy families.

Barbara said...

I can't thank the Dakota Voice enough for following this case and keeping it in the public arena.

This is a case not only of extreme injustice, but it has become a poster case testing our tolerance of the system's total atonomy and ability to harm helpless people.

More and more people are rallying to Sara Harvey's side against the wrongdoers.

Carole said...

What people need to know is they too can fall down the stairs and wake up in a guardianship with a total stranger making life and death decisions and even seperating them from their family as the Harveys are experiencing.

honeybear said...

I am praying that the perpetrators in this case wake up and see that they need to send Gary Harvey home. Their very own salvation may depend on it.

Mark said...

I know it has been said and written that "what is done in the dark will be seen in the light".

At last the light is shining brightly on Gary Harvey for he and his wife are deserving -- that this hellish experience be finally over for them and that they can and will live in the light of their love for the rest of their days together, as one.

May this case be proof that evil cannot triumph over good.

Tim Lahrman said...

another excellent article -- Thank you Gina, Dakota Voice and NASGA for all you have done in bringing and keeping Gary's story at the forefront for all to see and read.

I just wish Bryan, Kevin, Don, Judy and all those "discussing this at the firm" would see the light and repent for what they have done to Gary and Sara.

If this case serves any puporse whatsoever it should serve to warn all residents of Chemung County, and the State of New York, that no marriage is safe ... not even a same-sex marriage.

Shirley said...

We're with you, Sara. Your support grows stronger every day.

Anonymous said...

Wish Sarah and Gary the best .....

what other families are getting this coverage on the blogs

Amanda Longtime said...

Hey forgot Pamela Gee, and Wetmore, oh and geezzz is there anyone else at this firm or ooops "cult" that we left out?

Jim said...

Story getting out there...Way to go Carrie K....

The media is watching...hopefully Moshier will get his day in court for what he has done to Gary Harvey. Afterall, he is the sole person who started this and could have stopped it. What do you all think his motive is?

1-lining his pockets
2-covering up a mistake
3-one favor for do me and I do you.
4-he hates happy marriages
5-he really is working for Lucifer
6-he is confused, says that alot in his testimony's
7-he gets off on screwing disabled people
8-all the above

Bill said...

Oh I think a marriage is only safe if you are affiliated with "the firm" a lot hanky panky goes on there.

Yeah know even Tom O'Mara's wife serves as a GAL in the Spencer v.Spencer and is the County Board of Elections Commissioner

ORDERED, Marilyn O'Mara, Esq. relieved of appointment as attorney for the child Mathew, and Pamela Bleiwas, Esq., 408 North Tioga Street, Ithaca, NY 14850, appointed in her place and stead pursuant to Family Court Act §1120(b).
...imagine that.....go figure...

Dan said...

Gary must be "paroled" from his unlawful incarceration by the lawless Chemung Country, New York.

Amy said...

Do you think Moshiers, Maggs,and the gang at the "firm" children are proud of their parents for what they do to familes? or do you think they teach them how to lie, cheat, steal and lie? Scary thought what our kids will become having parents like this.

What leaders!

God will get them.

Jay said...

I pray that Gary will reunite Gary with his wife.

How can a court do this with no founded evidence?

Isn't APS suppose to intergrate familes back together?

Oh silly me if they did that they would lose their state and federal reimbursmnet programs.

Holly said...

In response to "Anonymous" when she asked, "what other families are getting this coverage on the blogs"
The answer is... ANY who relentlessly work as Sara Harvey has. Sara worked day and night to get Gary's story in the news and continues to do so. I personally have been in contact with MANY, MANY victims and have met NONE with the tenacity of Gary's wife Sara so, don't be jealous of her anonymous... come out of HIDING and get to work!